Monday, December 10, 2007

Tomorrow Is a New Day!

I have to say this is easy for me because I am currently subbing. I subbed for sixth grade today. This is my second time doing that grade level. I enjoyed it more the first time. I tend to do much better with my homeroom class then for classes that switch into my room. I am unsure of the reason. Perhaps it is because I tend to start the day successfully and if I began a new class that way it would be good. I also find that is more challenging to get to know students when you are with them for shorter amounts of time. I will have to ponder this some more...

I also find that I have a very difficult time with students who are constantly telling others what to do or telling me that a student is not following the directions. At the same time, I do believe that students should be able to talk to another student who is bothering them. In fact, I would rather have them work it out then having to involve me if possible. I do tell students to try and work it out. I also tell them to, "Be responsible for yourself." I would be curious to see how others deal with this.

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