Thursday, December 27, 2007

Long-Term Subbing

I get to do two long-term subs after the new year. One will start in January and is in a three-year old Pre-K classroom two days a week. I will be subbing for other places on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The awesome thing about this position is that I also get to coach cheerleading. I have coached for 5 years but this year I decided not to. It was too difficult to be coaching in the north metro and mostly subbing in the south metro. I have missed coaching so this will be a great fix. So this sub job is like the best of both worlds, I love cheerleaders and three-year olds. I taught 3-year olds for seven years. I have already subbed a little in the class so I am familiar with the students and know all their names already. I have also attended practice a few times and the squad is amazing this year. They are young squad but they are very hard workers and have made so much progress already.

The other is later in the spring. It is for a sixth grade class. I am really looking forward to it. I will be teaching mainly teaching Social Studies and English. I have really enjoyed subbing for sixth grade at one of the local intermediate schools. I think it will be a great adventure. This is partly the reason I have been reading so many young adult books. (Other than the fact that they are enjoyable.) I am also going to re-read Teaching Outside of the Box by LouAnne Johnson, which is a fabulous book. If you have any other suggestions on how to prepare please fill me in.

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