Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thank You Very Much!

At this time of the year, I like to think about all the people I am thankful for in my life. In this post I am going to reflect on my teachers.

My first grade teacher - She was a wonderful woman who had me tested for learning disabilities. The results indicated that I had dyslexia. Because it was caught so early, I caught up fairly quickly and I am an avid reader today.

Mrs. Soltow (second grade) - You were one of my favorites! Thank you for being you!

Mr. Watson (elementary art) - Thank you for helping me to love creating things even though it didn't come naturally!

Mrs. Stark (LD) - Thank you so much for helping to learn to read!

Ms. Fedora (fourth grade) - Thank you so much for recognizing me after all those years and helping me find my way on the first day I subbed!

My Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher - Thank you for helping me tune out noises and focus on my work!

My Seventh Grade Industrial Arts Teacher - Thank you for letting me back into class after I had the spindle sander bouncing on the floor, a board flying across the room and almost passing out! I never should have talked that boy into turning on for me after you told us we had to turn it on for ourselves.

My Library Media Specialists - Thank you for putting up with my many visits and helping me find fabulous books to read.

Ms. Beasley, Mr. Wolfe, Mr. Lapoint, and Mr. Ferris - Thank you for putting up with me as a junior high student! (Enough said.)

My High School Teachers - Thank you for teaching me all you did and encouraging me to go on!

My College Professors - Thank you for making college a good experience!

Jalon - Thank you for seeing the gifts in me and asking me to teach for you! Thank you for training me to be a great classroom manager and helping me to be led to know what to do in my classroom! Thank you for helping me to learn how to pray for my students! Thank you for being an example of what I wanted to be and am working towards being still!

My Grad. School Professors - Thank you for instructing me and helping me to see what makes teachers be a success!

Marcia - Thank you for helping make student teaching a success and being there for me when I needed you!

Ms. Campbell - Thank you for encouraging me in so many ways! Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of teaching math! I am enjoying it more and more everyday!

Thank you all for being examples of teachers that I want to emulate!

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