Saturday, January 5, 2008

What and How Are You Learning?

As I walked the dogs (I am taking care of a friend's dogs) this morning, I started to think of learning. One of the dogs kept taking the road less traveled. She was choosing to walk through the deep snow instead of walking on the plowed path. Her journey was a bit more difficult because she kept sinking in the the snow. On the other hand she was discovering interesting things because she was off the track sniffing them out. Some of the things she was discovering were not useful. Another thing they were both doing was investigating everything.

As a teacher, I believe it is important to take the road less traveled and investigate everything that we are able. I think that this helps us to keep learning new things. I know there are many things that we do that work well and produce great results. We should continue doing these things. I think investigation of new things is vital to making the necessary changes in education. I also think it is important to investigate the things we are doing by reflecting to be sure that they are relevant and successful. Karl posted a great quote yesterday. Ms. Whatsit made me think about the importance of blogs and nings in our journey. Blogs and Nings are a way to connect with other educators and collaborate about the things we are doing. Elizabeth is also thinking about this.

So my challenge to myself is to: Take the Road Less Traveled and Investigate Everything.
What are your thoughts?

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