Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Saturday Survey

I mentioned that I am going to figure out a day to check up on my goals for the year. I have decided that Saturday is a great day because it is the last day of the week and they day before a new week begins. I am going to call it: The Saturday Survey. I will be doing it every Saturday. If you would like to join me, please do. I would like to take my goals more seriously this year and I believe this will help. It is kind of like Healthy Monday that I mentioned a few days ago but it will encompass all of my goals. I will be only covering the goals relevant to teaching here. I will be following my other goals at my new blog once I start it.


EHT said...

I like your idea of weekly survey to check on goals, etc. Reflection and refocus on a continuous basis is one of the best best practices we can follow.

Thanks for visiting History Is Elementary.

Ms. Mize said...

Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing meeting more of my goals this year.