Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Saturday Survey

Hello All! I am beginning. My survey will probably change and evolve, but the important thing is to start, right? I am just going to survey my educational goals here. I will be tracking other progress at my new blog. Of course, now I have to keep it up! I hope your week went well.

Last Week's Progress
1. Started My New Blog: Carpe Diem....Seize The Day
2. Memorized the first 16 Presidents and got through the first hour of my review of American History
3. Blogging - I have commented on many blogs this week and I have added more links in my posts.

To Do Next Week
1. Blog Goals - Read next part of Clear Blogging, add a blog roll, and continue being consistent with my posts.
2. I would like to reflect on my teaching at least twice this week.
3. Research when we started to spend social security on other things instead of saving it up and earning interest on it. (Something I have been thinking about.)
4. Re-evaluate my educational goals.

My first week went ok. I have started working towards my goals. I think I need to continue and add momentum next week. How is your progress?

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