Sunday, January 20, 2008

Recent Reads

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. I throughly enjoyed the mix of pictures and writing. I am also a fan of possibilities and talent in each of us. This book also won the Caldecott for 2007, which was it was very worthy of.

Shakespeare's Secret written by Elise Broach. This was a great mystery about a girl who just moved, an interesting neighbor, and a diamond. I enjoyed it.

Bloomability written by Sharon Creech. This is a great story about a girl who discovers and becomes confident in herself. (I am getting better at html. Allow some of the grow areas in my knowledge of it are quite evident.)

Perhaps the reading of these three books in the last week and a half is a good reason I have not posted more. I am aware it is more of an excuse than a reason. I have discovered that reading is quite simple if the television is off.

Well I had better be off... so that I can work on clearing the clutter. I know it is the first step to organizing.

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T'lia said...

I own Hugo Caberet. I haven't read the whole way through. It is a great book though!