Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update and Upcoming

I have been quite busy since I posted last time. Last school year I worked a job as a Library Media Specialist/Spanish teacher. It was a new position for me and a busy one at that. At the end of the year, I was notified that my position was cut due to budgetary restraints. I have spent the summer job hunting. I am still looking. I am also working on getting on the sub lists in my area. I am set to go in one district and have to attend meetings/turn in paperwork for three other districts. I have also applied to sub a few other places. I also got married this summer and am loving married life. So you see I have been a little busy.....working a new job, planning a wedding, job hunting.

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I am going to be working on continuing to blog. I believe it helps my writing and communication skills.

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paul c said...

Best wishes on your job search and thanks for the kind comment about my blog post, 10 Students Who Taught Me. My two daughters got married over the last two years. Wonderful memories.